Program of lab experiments in the Natsugaku 2022

Under the guidance of researchers and engineers in specialized fields, students will learn with experiments and practical training in online small rooms.

A total of 13 organizations will participate in this year’s lab experiments.

Experiment A:

Mathematical experiments using symbolic and algebraic computation software

Host: The Japan Society for Symbolic and Algebraic Computation

Experiment B:

Secret messages – Cryptography

Host: The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Experiment C:

The wonder of surfaces – What is an orientation?

Host: The Mathematical Society of Japan

Experiment D:

Hearing the light; Carrying sound on light

Host: The Physical Society of Japan

Experiment E:

Creating arts using a polarizing plate

Host: The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Experiment F:

Get experience of the technology of radiation, essential for the cutting-edge research in material science!

Host: Atomic Energy Society of Japan

Experiment G:

The Nanako art

Host: The Chemical Society of Japan

Experiment H:

The wonder of metals

– The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials,
– The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan,
– The Japan Institute of Light Metals

Experiment I:

The antigen-antibody reaction – From the COVID-19 test to food allergen detection –

Hosts: The Society of Japanese Women Scientists

Experiment J:

Ants trapped in a circle drawn by an ink pen – Why do ants refrain from crossing the line? –

Hosts: The Ecological Society of Japan

Experiment K:

Coral reef sands to understand ecological environment of the beach; Rocks and sediments observed using X-ray computed tomography images (CT scanning)

Hosts: Japan Geoscience Union

Experiment L:

Exploring landforms using topographic maps

Hosts: Japanese Geomorphological Union

Experiment M:

Investigate the substance of the light using a spectroscope – From environmental lights to exploration of external life –

Hosts: Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences