History of Natsugaku

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History of “Summer School for Girls – Science, Technology, and Human Encounters” from 2005

“Summer School for Girls” (Natsugaku) started in 2005 and has developed into one of the largest science-related career choice support programs for junior and senior high school girls in Japan. We have been supported by various organizations, companies, and individuals, including the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the National Women’s Education Center (NWEC), and “The Japan Inter-Society Liaison Association Committee for Promoting Equal Participation of Men and Women in Science and Engineering (EPMEWSE)” .

History of Natsugaku


Natsugaku began.  A diverse group of societies and associations joined together for a camp at the National Women’s Education Center (NWEC), where female undergraduate and graduate student volunteers gathered


The hands-on program (experiments, etc.) camp has been expanded to three days and two nights.


The number of experiments has increased. Exchange promotion programs and university student’s projects such as “Science Karuta(traditional Japanese playing cards)” and “Science Battle” have also begun.


Science Ambassadors begin. Third-year junior high school students began participating in the program. The International Exchange Program and Natsugaku Times publication also began.


Start of mentoring and parent/teacher programs.


A collection of role models was created. In place of the university student’s projects “Science Karuta,” “Science (talented women) Sugoroku” was introduced.


The summer camp could not be held due to the request for power saving caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. With the cooperation of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE), Natsugaku was held for only one day.


The summer camp at NWEC have resumed.


The number of applicants exceeded 220. The international exchange program has changed from virtual meetings via Skype to real face-to-face meetings.


The sub-theme of Natsugaku has been changed to “Science, Technology, and Human Encounters”. New university student project “i-future – Let’s experience life in science” has started.


As in 2014, the all-participant integrated experiment was conducted on the third day.


University student projects such as “Cross Road,” a panel discussion added to the career lecture on Day 1, and career planning poster presentations have started. International exchange project to talk with international student TAs is also further enhanced.


The number of mentee applicants exceeded 60.

At the Gender Summit and the CJK Women Scientists and Engineers Leaders Conference, the executive committee chair and the university student planning committee chair jointly introduced Natsugaku in English.


Independent from JST-subsidized projects; at the end of 2018, established a non-profit organization, STEM Carrer Path Project for Girls(GSTEM-CPP).


Held in cooperation with EPMEWSE, the event was double-sponsored by the NPO GSTEM-CPP and NWEC.


The summer camp cancelled due to COVID19 infection prevention. Held online, mainly by university student planning committee members.


Held as a 2-day online program to prevent corona infection. As much as possible, the programs incorporated from the camp program, including 13 types of experiments and practical training, career lectures, career planning, and posters and career counseling supported by around 40 organizations,

Every year, around 100 female junior and senior high school students, teachers, and parents from all over Japan participate in Summer School, and they are highly satisfied with the program.

In addition, in order to meet these expectations of everyone, Natsugaku has been expanding its programs each year. However, in recent years, due to various circumstances, we have limited the programs to the main programs that have been offered since the program’s inception. Even so, we are proud of the fact that we receive more applications than we can accommodate each year.

Against this backdrop, in December 2018, the NPO STEM Carrer Path Project for Girls(GSTEM-CPP) was established out of everyone’s strong passion to continue the Natsugaku.

Furthermore, to mark t a turning point, we published “14 Years of Natsugaku,” a look back at the history of Natsugaku to date. (Japanese only)

We hope you will consider supporting us to continue our project.

August 10, 2022

NPO STEM Carrer Path Project for Girls(GSTEM-CPP) 
Representative Director  Yumiko Nagoh