For Parents and Teachers

For Parents and Teachers

The “Summer School for Junior and Senior High School Girls – Science, Technology, and Human Encounters”

Supports the Career Planning of Junior and Senior High School Girls

According to the “Survey on the Career Paths of High School Students and Their Parents” (1,815 high school students and 1,529 parents/guardians responded) conducted jointly by the National Federation of Senior High School PTAs and Recruit Co., the percentage of high school students and parents who “talk” about their career path was 83% and 89%, respectively.

The amount of communication between high school students and parents during Covid19 Disaster has increased, and the content of conversations has become more diverse, with nearly 30% of both high school students and parents reporting that the overall amount of communication has increased. In terms of gender, more girls (87%) than boys (79%) answered “talk/total”, and by relationship, more mothers (90%) than fathers (83%) answered “talk/total”.

When thinking about their career path  they consult with mothers (85%) , followed by fathers, friends, and homeroom teachers at around 40%.  For girls in particular, an extremely high 88.5% of the respondents chose their mothers as their advisors, indicating that the involvement of parents, especially mothers, has a significant impact on the choice in career paths.

As the world and the times change at a dizzying pace, we are not sure of the future. Also, giving advice to junior and high school students based on what we have experienced may not always work. That is why we believe it is important to nurture in junior and senior high school students a core strength and a flexible spirit that can cope with any environment. The first step in this process would be to acquire the ability to find out for oneself, think about it, consult with those around you, and move forward with conviction. At Natsugaku, we provide junior and senior high school students who want to go into the sciences or who are unsure of their career path with opportunities to talk with their peers and seniors in a variety of ways. Please join our activities.

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